Our implant works not only restore function...
They also restore patient confidence.
The patients will be proud to show their natural looking implant work.

Customized Abutments

Customized abutments tailor the contours and emergence profiles to each situation. They offer better esthetics and support than prefabricated abutments.
The abutments can be casted in lab or milled using Zfx milling services.

Restroations Options

We can offer suggestions and alternatives for difficult and varied situations.
We will always balance esthetics with function: From implant crowns and bridges, to coverdentures and superstructures for full arch works.

Quality Solutions

For the best possible fit, our products are scrutinized at 20x magnification at every production stage.
Quality equipment from Bego, Ivoclar Vivadent, Zirkonzahn and Zfx further aid our technicians in production.

Screw Retained Superstructure with Cement Retained Crowns

Combining the best of both worlds: Esthetics of cement retained and flexibility of screw retained

The screw retained supersturture has milled preparation for the cement retained crowns. Even when the screw holes are at less than ideal positions, the final position of the crowns will not be affected. Moreover, any buccal facing screw holes are covered by the crowns after cementation.
Any future repairs are done by simply removing the damaged crown only, then take a new impression for that crown. The rest of the bridge will not be affected.

Implant Supported Denture

enhances the function of a normal denture

Implant supported dentures give reliable retention and support for edentulous patients.
Patients can enjoy life without worrying about the denture. This gives them renewed confidence.

Before and After

large and small cases are equally difficult

Two real life cases: A full arch upper implant bridge and two lower crowns.
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About Us

With over 30 years of experience, we were one of the first Hong Kong dental laboratories to establish a facility in Shenzhen. Our three stories laboratory building is fully equipped to handle all types of dental restorations.
Situated right along side the laboratory building is the five stories living apartment, providing free accommodations for all our employees.

Our Work Process


All cases and parcels arrive at our Hong Kong office.
They are then forwarded to our laboratory for production.
Finished cases are send from Hong Kong by your choice of courier.

Feedback & Support

Clear communications are the foundation of all successful restorations.
Whenever there is an issue, we always ask for any details. So the final restorations will satisfy your expectations.


To allow time for quality results, 4 working days are needed for most cases.
More time may be needed for complex works. Feel free to contact us for an estimate on specific cases.


We provide adjustments and remakes at no additional lab fee within the 3 year guarantee period.
You only need to provide the original case number and details about the issue.


Panthera Dental
Panthera Dental


Zirkonzhan M5 CADCAM System
Zirkonzahn M5 System
CAD/CAM System
Zirkonzhan M1 CADCAM System
Zirkonzahn M1 Wet Heavy
CAD/CAM System
Zfx Evolution scanner
Zfx Evolution
Scanner w/ Milling Centre Support
Bego Laserstar PW Laswer Welding Machine
Bego Laserstar PW
Laser Welding Unit

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Contact Information

Nature Dental Laboratory Co.
Room 1101, Mega Trade Centre,
No 1. Mei Wan Street,
Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Hong Kong, China

Email: info@nature-dental.com.hk
Phone: +852 2541-9322

No Minimum Order

There is no minimum order, so feel free to send as little (or as much) as you like.